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How to Remove Dates from WordPress Posts

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 11:04

BTW Genesis does beautifully with Buddypress and bbPress plugin. Genesis is already leading in this area. That 8767 s where Thesis is ages behind and doesn 8767 t seem to have a solution anywhere in the close future or any intent thereof.

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Thesis vs Genesis – Detailed Comparison

I know this comment is coming WAY after this article was written, but I just had to thank you for this awesome resource that I will continue to use and refer to on my blog. Thanks Glen.

WP-QuickLaTeX plugin - Holoborodko

Because many theme builders are much more adept in creating unique designs, we could depend on their genius and simply adapt the theme to our particular needs. But for this, there needs to be a foundational structure that would allow any theme to interface with this d 8767 n 8767 d.

Nice one Bill. Actually I have been a fan of yours since I stumbled on your site. I am just starting a website design business too though I am from the other side of the planet.

This is my full preamble :


I 8767 ve been using QuickLatex for a few weeks and it 8767 s been great. But now I have a very strange problem. I have a test post that looks like this

ps also, as per install instructions, I was googling around trying to find how to make a folder in the plugins folder etc. After a long while I just tried going there and found it was already there and full of ql files, working fine I guess. Maybe it 8767 s a new feature that it happens automatically, don 8767 t know. I imagine a lot of other people have spent a lot of time unnecessarily trying to get that working too, I don 8767 t know. Maybe just me 🙂
Thanks again

I suppose I have to change this in future versions – so user will have opportunity (and burden) to include ams-packages manually using “Custom preamble” option with any params he desire.

Hi Phoebe, does not support the addition of plugins. This makes it a very limited platform to use. However, if you sign up for your own hosting account at Host Gator, Blue Host, or any other WordPress supportive hosts, you can use their 8775 one-click 8776 installer to install a standalone version of WordPress. The standalone version of WordPress lets you install any plugins or themes you 8767 d like.

I think I know the problem. That 8767 s why I found a solution on the category view (you can see the problem if you search the word 8775 devoir 8776 ). The problem is that images are not shown in loops using the_excerpt() function. They are only shown in the_content(). So I changed the loop on category page. Is there another solution ?

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