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Imagine our world if nuclear power generation could be made safer. Discover how Chinese scientists have developed a new nuclear reactor that reduces the chances of the reactor overheating to the point of meltdown. To do this the pebble bed reactor uses advances in technology to replace the traditional water-cooled system. Watch how the reactor responds when Professor Wu Zongxin simulates a meltdown test scenario by switching off the new cooling system.

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Australian children's books are an art form rich with invention, exploration and feeling. They are part of a tradition of Australian language and literature as well as establishing themselves as part of visual art.

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Want to be a reporter? File your own 95-second news report and tell us what we need to know about your community. The best reports will be published on ABC online platforms.

Characters In 'Looking For Alibrandi' - UK Essays

The Adult, or YA, publishing market might be huge, but not all readers of YA books are teenagers. Perhaps surprisingly, increasing numbers of adults are choosing to read books written for the YA market. Join in this panel discussion as four YA authors discuss the reasons why their books are being picked up by adult readers.

Discover why some people are opposed to wind farms even though they generate electricity without burning any fossil fuels. Travel to Australia's biggest wind farm to find out how wind turbines work, some of their benefits and drawbacks, and what locals think of them. Consider all views and make up your own mind about whether Australia should build more wind farms or not.

Learn how to split up numbers in your head to help you find the difference between pairs of two-digit numbers such as 75 and 99. Dario will help you.|Follow his hints and use a special tool to work out most of the questions. You'll usually find that the difference is greater than ten.

"Discussing and evaluating texts" features ABC educational resources and supports the teaching of English to both primary and secondary students as part of the Australian curriculum.

The Nazis established hundreds of ghettos, mainly in Eastern Europe, to isolate the Jews from the rest of the population and to control them more effectively. In the ghettos, Jews were forced to work for the Germans as slave labourers. What was life like in these over-crowded ghettos? Many died due to harsh conditions, but how did the rest survive? How did they keep their hope alive and maintain their humanity?

Jeneka will have a great day if you help her make some good choices.|For instance, pick the correct text so that she knows which way to go to school on her bike. Also help her find information for a project, and pick a bedtime story book.

Do you think Australian society is partly defined by its attitude to alcohol consumption? 'High Sobriety' tells the story of journalist Jill Stark's experiences after her decision to stop drinking. Watch First Tuesday Book Club panellists discuss aspects of this account of sobriety and the effect it's had on them.

Imagine the possibility of mistakes arising from gene technologies. Look at some mishaps in the application of genetic engineering. Consider, too, some views on the role of the media in informing the public about the facts behind the headlines.

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